Not poetry/ floetry, or even creative non-fiction. Just words. Enjoy – T.L. 

My chin kisses the mild night air every night when I step off the metro. It knows to turn skyward as my eyes scan the ink-like blanket that is held effortlessly below the heavens, searching for the crescent beam to see how much more of itself it had revealed that night.

Like a coy newly-wed, it only gives a teaser of its beauty – a sliver of its shimmer – yet tonight, it blew its whispers in sprinkled kisses of recognition.

Tonight, the moon taught me that there’s so much more to people than we  desire to contemplate; that although at first a person may seem indifferent – almost of another planet – that once they give you several snapshots of who they are, you soon learn that these snapshots create the picture of a wholesome, and exceedingly beautiful being.

© The Londoner, June 2011


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