I Know

You show yourself
yet refuse to be revealed
Somehow I feel
the ring of doubt reverberates
when you come near,
de-stabling my core,
scrambling my thoughts.

I know

I should look ahead to what may be,
could be
but can’t attach
a should be.

I know

I am
you are.
We are not
Intertwined into matter
Nor humming the same tune
Just a lone dance.

I know

I can see it,
it was I who built the fort.
Strong, high, insurmountable
for the one who declines the climb.
I reside on the other side,
not waiting,
for I do not wait.
My steps remain firm,
steady and assured.

I know.

© The Londoner, July 2011

Unadulterated… still mulling over it.


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