(Untitled I)

They floated along the river, silently. The moon had undressed for the night, displaying its perfection, generously bathing them with purity. She leaned over – whispered something. She covered her mouth, a slight squeal escaped. The moon cowered behind a cloud, fearful. Her hand slipped, her head was thrown back, mouth wide, shoulders shaking and a full-blown assault on the ears was unleashed as joy tickled her belly. And as she laughed, the moon retreated, shed a tear, and wished she had remained beautiful.

Β© The Londoner, July 2011

This was inspired by a friend who wasn’t afraid of being honest with me. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “(Untitled I)

      • u r more than welcome πŸ˜‰ i have been reading ur work from quite some time and i realy like it .
        but why don’t u start to write a full piece. like short story for a beginning,
        and about this piece what do u mean about this last sentence ” and wished she had remained beautiful” ???
        keep up the good work


  1. Beautiful, love – I love the poetry of this ‘the moon undressed’, ‘joy tickled her belly’ – brilliant imagery.


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