(Untitled II)

Felucca trip at dawn

“Take it easy,” he said, “some of us are not that religious.”

“Okay,” I said, barely looking up at him.

The sun was rising over Cairo, donning a new cloak as the God conscious laid out their prayer rugs to bow their heads in reverence to Him. The aware on the boat lined themselves in perfectly straight rows, feet and shoulders aligned, hands placed on their chests, and lips moved in their inaudible whispers praising and beseeching him.

My soul searched for a peaceful resting place, but failed to find it while afloat. It sought higher posts of solace, but couldn’t make it past the laughter as they howled and cackled, amusement possessing them in fits of madness.

And as the angels of night switched positions with the angels of day, the sun arose, competing with the heat of anger that engulfed her core.

“Take it easy,” he said. “Just take it easy.”

The crux of it was that too many people already were.
© The Londoner, August 2011

Inspiration can come from various sources, and at a time when I’m within the throngs of heightened emotion, my fingers sometimes channel the energy creatively. If you think you helped me create this piece, thank you – I really learned a lot.


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