A-Z, I Can!

  A time existed when I found it hard to
  Believe in myself and
  Couldn’t get past the blocks of
  Doubt that told me
  Everything that I didn’t need to hear. I
  Found it hard to choke the negativity to
  Get past the
  Heap of thoughts of
  Inadequacies that could never be
  Justified as being true. I would have
  Killed to kill that which
  Loved to feed on
  Me, drawing from my weaknesses,
gNawing at my soul,
  Only to spit it out and
  Pounce again just as I
  Quivered onto my feet.
  Rarely did I make it to my full height,
  Standing straight enough to
  Tower over the renewed
  Upsurge of blocks that contained
  Voltages of venom. But
  When I did, the
eXhilaration  of success – the power of
  Yes! – created a current of
  Zeal that surged through me and allowed me to scream:

I can!

© LaYinka Sanni, October 2011


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