Wealth Surrounds Me (i)

I write because I am but a web of words woven with threads of thought. A translucent sliver of silver when placed before light, held together by gold sprinkles of His Mercy. In my pocket lives a single coin that I keep warm with the grasp of my hand, though the essence of my riches lies outside my clasp – a breathtaking beauty that encircles me. Olayinka was the announcement my father made on my seventh day, for he knew wealth surrounds me was a much befitting name, for indeed my wealth lies in the splendour that I see.

© LaYinka Sanni, November 2011.


One thought on “Wealth Surrounds Me (i)

  1. Great blog!!! I was randomly searching the net for anything to do with me and I came across your blog. As you can see, I share your name 😀 and I am thoroughly enjoying your words. Take care xx Layinka


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