The Cycle

She thrusts it against her chest. Tears sting her eyes and burn her cheeks. She cradles the book, and rocks to and fro. Her body quivers despite it being a warm summer morning.

“Let me go,” she whispers, “please just leave me alone.”

In a fit she shivers violently, her head thrown back, back arched, and arms flaying like electric-powered windmills at her side. A froth of saliva slithers from one corner of her mouth and her tongue vibrates in the other. The book drops to the floor.

“Do as I say, and I will leave you alone!” It roars.

She collapses, arms jutting at an odd angle and legs mangled in an awkward tangle. As she lets out a scream, a word flashes through her mind, striking a bold of light in the pit of darkness that consumed her. One word.

“God!” She screams, “Oh, God!”

Convulsing with a groan, her head repeatedly crashes to the floor, beating an abnormal beat that no one could ever dance to. Her left leg shook with immeasurable force – the sharp crack as her heel is bounced on the ground as though it were a mere basketball.

“God,” she whispers between short, rapid breaths, “please get it out.”

The beat comes to a stop. Silence encompasses the room and she lies there, stilled by her ragged breathing. She reaches for the book, and digs her nails into its green leather cover as she clasps it against her chest. Tears sting her eyes and burn her cheeks. She rolls from side to side.

When will this satanic cycle end?’ She thinks.

“When you do as I say,” it tells her, “When you do as I say.”

© LaYinka Sanni, January 2012

This was originally written in 2007. This version is heavily edited, but it’s still the darkest piece of writing I’ve ever written. ~ LY.


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