Two Days

His blue-green eyes blinked at the grey dot next to her name, the same grey dot he was faced with every time he logged on. Offline. He sighed, causing a ripple in the middle of his laptop screen. He wished to blow away the stagnant cobwebs that had been woven over his mind, that left him unable to think about anything else but her. His to-do list grew, and yet he waited for the grey dot to turn green. For her to re-enter his domain.

On his phone, he pressed and held the speed-dial key for her number. He pressed hard, hoping that the harder he pressed the more successful his call would be. And yet, as on his previous attempts, there was no ring tone. Just a dead line.

He was reaching his deadline, the moment when he would take the next course of action, because he’d waited long enough for a response, and he was consistently faced with a wall which he had no idea how he’d scale. He hadn’t asked for much. Not for marriage, love or romance – he just wanted a friend, and it was with that request that she’d been gagged.

He loosened his grip, rolled back his shoulders and leaned backwards in his leather swivel chair.

Two days, that’s all. Just two more days and then I’ll have to cut her loose.

He had made sure they were secure before he’d made contact with her. He had fastened them with double knots, and checked they were taut and firm. The sprinkle of sweat that lay on his forehead was from anxiety, because as time passed, days clocked into weeks, and the invisible strings that held her to his heart slackened, threatening to be cut off altogether.

Two more days. And you’ll need to find another friend.

© LaYinka Sanni, February 2012.

This piece is a bit of a shock to me because it was in no way planned, and yet it seems organised is a bizarre sort of way. I personally think the guy’s twisted, bordering on obsessive, and I wonder whether he’ll make a reappearance in a future piece. I think he will. ~ LY.


2 thoughts on “Two Days

  1. thats powerful ……… all i can think of now is something i have read couple of days ago

    “you and I are essentially infinite choice makers.
    In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.”
    Deepak Chopra


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