An update… sort of.

I would like to thank those of you who have supported and encouraged me with kind words since I started this little blog. Your comments and emails are heartwarming (and yes, I’m slightly sentimental about these things). I apologise for not posting anything recently, but I promise I have been writing, just more privately.

Life has a funny way of tripping my fingers, and although I pick up my pencil (the mechanical sort – pendantic, I know!), scrawl across pages in my notebook, and tap across the screen of my tablet, I haven’t written anything I would like to put out to the world, yet.

Next week I will be posting an article that’ll be published in the September issue of SISTERS, but until then I’ll continue to people-watch and take my notebook wherever I go.

Much peace and love, as always,

LaYinka S.


3 thoughts on “An update… sort of.

  1. Thank God you broke the silence, not our hearts. We peep in here everyday hoping to find something that’ll spice up the day! Keep it coming, we’ll wait, patiently!


  2. Assalamo Aleikom!
    I read your article in SISTERS and just had to check out you blog after that! Am looking forwards to updates but till then, may Allah help you to continue writing-you truly are gifted masha Allah.

    Lots of love,


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