Summer of Love

Since it’s National Poetry Day today, I thought I’d post one of my happier pieces, since tragedy is usually more my thing. It was fun writing it, and it genuinely makes me smile. Kinda like this: 😀

~ LY.


There’ll be a summer
our summer
where one plus one
becomes four
divided by two
to make two

There’ll be a beach
whether white or sandy
it’ll stretch far
and wide
each grain sun-kissed

There’ll be lemons
and limes
and an odd Vimto concoction
heavy buckets of ice
to keep it cool and nice

There’ll be shades
spread out
above us
upon us
protecting us
from the underrated

There’ll be splashing
not from him
from me and the sea
as he looks on
wishing he’d taken lessons

There’ll be smiles
beaming from all sides and angles
loud laughs
bellowing with the waves
and the odd snort
that can’t be helped

There’ll be whispers
of words unknown

And there’ll be love.
of unrestrained

© LaYinka Sanni, September 2012.


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