Today I Write

Today I write of happiness
‘cos melancholy has set me free
not talking about overcoming
the stigma as a divorcee
I write of the letting go
embracing every inch of me
it’s true that our thoughts
are a self-fulfilling prophecy
and our eyes are wide open
yet few of us can see.

I’ve come further
than I ever thought I could
swam through rougher seas
than they thought I would
scaled greater obstacles
than even I knew I could
now set myself a goal
to make life more than ‘good’.

Today I write of triumph
beating those who had a hold on me
mental paralysis
that slowly gnawed at me
knocked me down
shackled and threw rocks at me
and today I write
with fire stirring me
my pen inked
with molten clarity
and I stand tall
declaring “look at me,
naysayers I’m alive
and kicking by His decree.”

© LaYinka Sanni, April 2013.

Dedicated to everyone struggling and who have struggled: the greatest battle is the one that happens in our mind. ~ LY.


8 thoughts on “Today I Write

  1. Beautiful read mashaaAllah :). This is a huge step out the shadows (if I do say so myself). Let the light shine and nurture one’s growth b’ithnillah


  2. “look at me,
    naysayers I’m alive
    and kicking by His decree.”

    ok, so i’m feeling a little emotional anyway, but this made me cry a little, fierce tears with a fierce grin. i love the affirmation in this.


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