Exploring Humanness

Every day, stories are created, woven and narrated – stories that span the Earth’s circumference, and have the scope of the universe and galaxies. Stories are retold and relived, and each of us has lived the story of thousands of others, all the while seeing our very story as unique.

The wonder of the human race is that we’re all interconnected. Whether one believes in the story of the first man on Earth or not, since the inception of mankind our individual stories are interwoven as a collective blanket we all seek shade under.

When I write, I write about our human stories because they truly fascinate me. I often people watch, imagining what their story is, because there is so much that makes us what and who we are. Stripped bare of race, sect, creed, sexual orientation and the magnitude of things aimed at making us ‘different’ we are first humans, and I like to explore aspects of our humanness – the breathtaking, the heart-shattering, and everything in between.

– LY.


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