A World Retrieved

I rarely dedicate my pieces, but this one is dedicated to a reflection I never knew I had. ~ LY.

Your heart on your sleeve
loved with every fibre
no reserves, no barriers
you gave.
Tinted a red more than
rose, you saw good
no door closed, wide open
you gave.
Your world a vast bubble
all inclusive without invites
all welcomed, no harm
you gave.

Then the pin came
from nowhere
scratched deep
etched hard
you bled tears
that scarred
a burst bubble
thoughts marred
sight blurred
your world now
a black shade
of blue.

A heart caged deep
bandaged from your sleeve
still beating, tune slowed
you ached.
With a fortress set high
rarely peeked past the sky
you found comfort, felt safe
you ached.
A faint shadow of light
shimmers in those souls
you touched, left behind
still ache.

An axe is finally brought
placed outside your fort
to be freed from
your coma of pain.
One brick at a time
to reclaim your lost shine
for you to truly smile
and rise tall

© LaYinka Sanni, March 2014.


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