Five Minute Freewrite: Temi’s Wrath

This was a freewrite where I had to write a piece in five minutes using five of the following ten words: enemy, magenta, bark, tile, thirty, grate, leave, mint, fly, shift. – LY.

“Owolabi! Owolabi!” Farida tightened her grip on the handful of material already scrunched in her fist. “Do you even know what your name means? Do you know how valuable your title is? Ehn? Do you?” The head above the collar she was close to strangling shook with each syllable as she barked the words.

“After all the struggling. All the work I do, this is what you leave me with, ehn? This is my reward after thirty years? This is my reward. Lord, God, help me. Help me with this man.”

She thrust her husband away from her and slumped into the mint green sofa that had more lumps than comfortable.

“The devil is a liar. My enemy. And I shall rebuke him from this house. I cannot allow him to stay in this house!”

She was back on her feet now, pacing the eight steps from one end of the living room to the other, her leg bumping into the scratched centre table. Owolabi shifted in the spot he’d been planted in, rubbing the red rings around his neck.

“Temitope…” He fumbled for the words. Anything that would make her stop shouting and still his hands from shaking. “Temi…” A whisper of her Yoruba name was all he could muster as he crumbled in fear of what she might throw at him this time.

© LaYinka Sanni, July 2014


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