Marked Discourse

This piece is a freewritten poem penned in ten minutes at a poetry and art workshop hosted by The Body Narratives on 19th July 2014. A truly freeing and empowering workshop. – LY.

They say we’re survivors
that we’re strong beyond measure;
and as their lips move in sync
with rehearsed lines, sympathy
oozes from their pores.

They say we’re awesome
that they don’t know how we did it;
but they have no idea that we’re as lost
as the words that fly from their mouths
weightless letters evaporating into the ether.

They say we’re brave
to rip layers off our many masks;
but they are oblivious to our arsenal of faces
picture perfect for every situation.

They say we’re unshakeable
that we can get through just about anything;
but who are they to say we can navigate
through turbulent seas when
we’re still drowning in our own tears?

We say that we’re living;
the living who transverse internal continents
from plains broken to grounds less cracked.
We say we hold no promises for today
but there will be less painful tomorrows
because we will heal.

© LaYinka Sanni, July 2014.


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