It’s been bubbling for weeks
in my tight chest
my knotted stomach
and shaky fingers
that run through your beard
soft and coarse.
I look at my palms
covered with lines
my tongue tied with more
that fail to let loose.
I see them. Holding hands
intertwined with hope
glistening with prayers
bound by nothing but love.
And I try to remember
when I last told you
as I held you
that you mean more than
I’d ever imagined
that I love you more than
my heart can bear
that I don’t know how
she’s holding it together
with him gone
while you’re here
still here
for us
with us.
As I falter
trying to make myself
clear, I know
I don’t thank Him enough
that you’re here.

© LaYinka Sanni, April 2015.


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