Webinar: Counter Counterfeiting: Best Practices for Writers

A free online women-only event hosted by LY’s Writing Service. Spaces extremely limited. Early registration advised.

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Spotlight Sunday

The Spotlight Sunday has shone on me. I’ve been featured as this week’s spotlight writer on ‘Zealous Scripts’. Drop by and read the interview. – LY.

An update… sort of.

I would like to thank those of you who have supported and encouraged me with kind words since I started this little blog. Your comments and emails are heartwarming (and yes, I’m slightly sentimental about these things). I apologise for not posting anything recently, but I promise I have been writing, just more privately.

Life has a funny way of tripping my fingers, and although I pick up my pencil (the mechanical sort – pendantic, I know!), scrawl across pages in my notebook, and tap across the screen of my tablet, I haven’t written anything I would like to put out to the world, yet.

Next week I will be posting an article that’ll be published in the September issue of SISTERS, but until then I’ll continue to people-watch and take my notebook wherever I go.

Much peace and love, as always,

LaYinka S.